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Sygma Innovation is one of publishing corporation in Indonesia, which in a few period was created many product innovation such as ; creative Al-Qur’an, qualified books, moral value comics, etc. Growing together with creative people, competent, high spiritual value, and supported by accurate research also appropriate development product, SYGMA INNOVATION is growing with many insight to create high creative masterpiece in accordance to spirit and our tagline “ ENLIGHTENING CREATIVITY” 

ENLIGHTENING CREATIVITY means a whole SYGMA INNOVATION creativity is always can be solution and contain with high value. This tagline which realize a whole SYGMA INNOVATION mission in serving creativity support:

  • Devising product content/excellent and qualified creative and innovative services for whole stakeholders;
  • Develop professional human resources, being noble, always challenging to actualizing creative solution for our stakeholder satisfaction;
  •  Realizing best benefit to welfare whole stakeholders and contributing for society welfare.


SYGMA INNOVATION is a part of religious community which has assignment and responsibility to influence faith to every people. Therefore, Al Quran is our main product in making innovative and creative product. The mean, because Al Quran is the main guidance for humankind and easy to be learned, so our big challenges is to realize those easiness to whole humankind in beautiful innovative packaging, without changing the content. This spirit is facilitate us to create monumental masterpiece and helpful at most of humankind.


Book it is not just a set of sheet pepper for us. Book is a meaningful alliance of words, brightening, motivating, inspiring, and guiding the way of life to the right and goodness, with keep it mild and entertaining presentation. Based on this consideration, and also supported by great authors such as Ust. Yusuf Mansyur, Ust. Arifin Ilham, Ust.Jalaluddin Asyatibi, Heppy Trenggono, Tauhid Nur Azhar, Ali Muakhir, Harun Yahya, dr.Zaidul Akbar, etc, we create a lot of books as masterpiece civilization.