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365 Enlightening Stories

for Our Children



365 Enlightening Stories for Our Childrenis written by Ary Nilandari. This book is the right choice for your kids wishing to listen or read interesting and Islamic stories.




The 365 Enlightening Stories for Our Children
can entertain and teach values, manners,
exemplary and knowledge without patronizing.
At the same time, you also grow a lifelong love
among your kids, books and reading
by introducing new vocabulary and language
different from the language of everyday
conversation, as well as helping
your kids learn to read.


Why is the 365 Enlightening Stories for Our Children important?

If reading stories while hugging your kid is a routine, this book will assist you fill his soul and foster his interest in reading. When a kid has a thirst in listening a story and asks you recite a new story every day, this book will be your mainstay.

Consisting of 365 fresh stories, this book is interesting and imaginative because it is in the form of the short story, serialized story, poetry and special stories commemorating the national and international importance. This book consists of various genres, contemporary realistic fiction, mystery, detective, adventure, fable, legend, fairy tales and science fiction, modern fantasy, historical fiction, and biography with the background of the varied place and time.

Weekly themes include children character development, relationship with family and others, nature, a variety of life skills, basic knowledge of all areas, social problems and others.