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Exemplary Comic

of the Prophet Series



Every parents want their children have a noble character
as the Prophet peace be upon him





Prophet Muhammad, with his noble character,
from the ignorance into Islamic lifestyles
within 23 years. Every speech or behavior
of the Prophet is always based on the Qur’an
so that he is called as having Qur’anic Morals.




Nowadays, when technology makes us easy to access information, social interaction becomes open and very dominant in affecting children’ behavior. Children prefer to idolize false figure, not the Prophet Muhammad which obviously had moral glory.

So, how should parents make their children love the Prophet Muhammad and make the Prophet Muhammad as a role model?


Exemplary Comic of The Prophet Series is adapted from the history of Prophet Muhammad, aimed at introducing the ultimate example of human figure to the children and families. The book is rich in noble moral values and the history of Islam, delivered with simple language to be easily understood. The colorful illustration in this comic makes the story even more interesting and not boring in understanding Islamic values exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad.