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The Reference


Mushaf Al Qur’an Miracle the Reference is the Qur’an with innovative packaging with abundant features of content. Reading Miracle the Reference is reading a valid and comprehensive reference directly related to the explanation of the verses of the Qur’an in its every page.

It is like studying the Qur’an by directly attending Islamic lecture.

The entire contents are a systematic and structured arrangement making us easier to understand, explore, and practice the content of the Qur’an. Miracle the Reference presents the true miracle of the Qur’an.



The Qur’an is dedicated
to the true Qur’an learners in order
to understand and practice it in everyday life
so as to achieve a degree of belief in God
as outlined in the Qur’an.


Systematic method of how it arranges the materials and the method
tafsiriyah-lafziyahare the important parts of the Qur’an.
Overall, there are 22 benefits can be taken from this Qur’an, namely:

  • Tafsiriyah translation per word
  • Keyword (Blocking ayah as the essence of the page)
  • Coloring system for tajwid
  • Tajwid guideline
  • Translation  by Indonesia Ministry of Religious Affairs
  •  Munasabah of ayah and surah
  • Tafsir of Ath-Thabari
  • Tafsir of Ibn Kathir
  • Valid hadiths
  • Dua and dzikr
  • Word list
  • Asbabunnuzul


  • Insightful information
  • Signs in the Qur’an
  • Asmaul Husna Effect
  • Thematic Index.
  • Sirah Nabawiyah (Bonus supplement)
  • Map of Sirah Nabawiyah (Bonus supplement)
  • Dua In the Qur’an
  • Map Analysis (Bonus supplement)
  • Dzikir Al-Ma’surat. (Bonus supplement)
  • DVD Practical Guide to read the Qur’an (Bonus supplement)