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My First




My First Qur’an (MyFA) is an innovatively designed Qur’an for children.




MyFA is uniquely and attractively

compiled for their first Qur’an.

MyFA is the bridge between children

and Qur’an which hopefully

becomes their best friend of life.




Why is MyFA an excellent product? In general, there are several added values of MyFA, namely:



    • Thick cover to avoid easy damage


    • Relatively thick art paper, so uneasily torn


    • Full color with rainbow paper system (in the Qur’an)


    • Bigger Khat (writing) with clearer signs of tajwid


    • Translation by Indonesia Ministry of Religious Affairs





    • Manner of Reading the Qur’an with attractive illustrations


    • Sirah Nabawiyah in simple explanation entitled TRAIL APOSTLE


    • A simple map to explain the trail Apostle by image.


    • The material “Now I Know”, an ayah thematic material using concise language







    • Daily prayers.


    • Muslim historical places all over the world


    • Muslim figures all over the world


    • Three-language dictionary (Arabic-Indonesian-English)


    • A user Guide to make us easier to know the layout of the materials





    • Bonus a fancy bag.


    • Consisting of 4 (four) books with unique shapes, 2 (two) for the Qur’an and the other 2 (two) for translation, dictionary, sirah nabawiyah and other materials.


    • Attractive and modern illustration