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Juz Amma


Qur’an is the highest character of a Muslim. That is why the Prophet is called as the walking Qur’an which means the whole characters of the Prophet are based on Qur’an since he is the perfect example for all mankind, especially for Muslims who, therefore, should take example from the Prophet’s characters. In other words, learning characters directly from the Qur’an also means learning the prophet’s characters.





Why does Juz Amma should be the means?
It is because the 30thjuz of the Qur’an is
the first gate for children to study the Qur’an.
In almost all schools of Islamic world,
juz amma becomes the introduction of the Qur’an
to young learners, especially in the
process of memorization.



This book is presented to take the opportunity in order to make Qur’an be the young learners’ daily reading. The introduction of characters based on the Qur’an to children, thus, can continue consistently. The long term goal is to make such continuous internalization hopefully go into children’ subconscious. Another goal is that children get used to the characters based on Qur’an and make them as their daily habit. Finally, children grow into walking Qur’an like their prophet.

Recommended reinforcements for realizing the previously mentioned goals are as follows:


  •  Reading (as the main function of the Qur’an: khat from the Indonesia ministry of religious affairs containing vector, transliteration, and translation).
  • Tadabbur (as the main teaching of the Qur’an, based on the themes of the verse).
  • Characters based on the Qur’an (introducing the essence of characters/ moral values / good habits sourced from the main teachings of the Qur’an).
  • Interactively repetition of Qur’anic values(reading and rewriting vocabularies of Qur’anic characters).
  • Knowledge of Qur’an (introducing knowledge from Qur’an as the basis for understanding the Qur’an).